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The cost of NOT marketing

Marketing costs money. It requires time and energy. Not many entrepreneurs have time or money to spare. So many of them convince themselves that they really don’t need to market their businesses. The reasons are many: “Advertising provides us really good ROI, no point in changing what works” But if it was really working you […]

Case Study: Rajesh Setty and the “ZEROth” Impression

Rajesh Setty is the kind of guy you’re happy to know.  He is a positive, energetic, upbeat person – hence the title of his book Upbeat.  It isn’t that he is unaccustomed to rejection -he just handles it differently than many people. Rajesh, wrote his first book at the age 13 and it was published […]

How Does Social Media Affect The Bottom Line?

A popular phrase in marketing is “Return On Investment” or ROI.  Executives always want to know the ROI of the marketing tactics used by their staff and sometimes this is easy to determine.  Where it gets murky is when it comes to social media.  There isn’t a way to monitor social media impact at present […]

The Dalai Lama and Rules to Live By

I admit it…I like rules.  I’m a Virgo, we like structure, lists and rules (probably why I created the 42Rules book series).  But it certainly is validating when I see that the Dalai Lama likes rules too.  I especially like his Rules #5…Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.  Brilliant advice! […]