Marketing Tools

Everything you need to start and build your brand

Web Site Hosting: – GoDaddy is the cheapest and easiest service to use – and I’ve tried a lot of them. You can host your site on GD and use WordPress to publish it – super easy!

Email platforms

  • 1ShoppingCart – this is a great shopping cart and email autoresponder platform that manages payment gateways and all that stuff you don’t want to deal with.
  • SendPepper – is one of the best email marketing platforms I’ve ever seen – you can do email, postcards, voicemails and have them all triggered based on customer behavior.  Plus, it’s really easy to use.  Plus, it integrates with 1ShoppingCart so you can track product purchases too.

PR Tools

  • PRLeads – this is a service that provides media contact information directly to you for journalists looking to quote people in their stories.  You register and complete a profile and then you receive email updates with the media request and contact info.
  • HARO – is a free service that connects experts with media looking for people to quote – from The New York Times, to ABC News, to and everyone in between, nearly 30,000 members of the media have quoted HARO sources in their stories.
  • Press Release Distribution Sites – NakedPR has complied a great listing of press release distribution sites.


  • Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) – Super easy to use and the quality is amazing!  It you want to do video marketing this is a huge advantage.
  • SpotMixer – a great online video creation platform that helps you find graphics, create animation ad music all in one really easy to  use tool.

Royalty Free Music for Videos

Article Distribution

Online Ad Graphics

  • InstantBannerCreator – is a free service (with paid for upgrades) that gives you awesome graphics capabilities for your websites.  It gives you all the code you need to create banner ads, peel-away ads, and a ton of other stuff.

Affiliate Programs