About Laura Lowell

If you like the high level condensed version

LauraLowell.com is run by none other than Laura Lowell.  Laura consults and speaks with Start-Ups and Fortune 100-500 companies like HP, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, and more on strategies to launch new products and ideas into the market.  She is an Amazon.com best selling author of 42 Rules of Marketing, 42 Rules for Working Moms and #My Brand Tweet.  She is the Founder and Executive Editor of the 42Rules book series.  She has more than 20 years experience in branding, marketing and entrepreneurship.

If you prefer a lot more detail

Laura Lowell is President of Impact Marketing Group, a marketing consultancy helping Start-Up and Fortune 100-500 companies develop the strategy and tactics they need to be heard in a very crowded market.   Laura is also the driving force behind the award-winning, best selling book series 42Rules.

Laura founded Impact Marketing Group in 2005. Her first book, 42 Rules for Marketing, was an Amazon.com bestseller.  Her second book 42 Rules for Working Moms, combined her expertise and her passion, and was featured on Oprah & Friends Radio, The Peter Walsh Show.  Laura has navigated the waters of working motherhood since the birth of her first daughter in 2000. Part-time, full-time, author and entrepreneur – she has tried it all.

During her 20+ year career, Laura worked for Hewlett-Packard where she was the Director of Worldwide Consumer Marketing Communications with responsibility for planning, implementing and integrating marketing campaigns across all HP consumer product lines. Earlier in her career, Laura spent several years at Intel Corporation where she was on the start-up team that developed and implemented the Intel Inside branding program.  A degree in International Relations prepared her for work assignments in Hong Kong and London, after which she received her MBA from UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business with an emphasis on marketing and entrepreneurship.

Laura writes about marketing and branding for ActiveGarage.com and has been featured on Oprah & Friends, ABC, The Huffington Post, and more.  Laura is also an active blogger authoring Live.Laugh.Work about the intersection of life, work and that thing we call branding.  A dynamic speaker, Laura has been a keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Laura and her family spent 2009-2010 living in Malaga, Spain where they learned that the world is really a tiny place, and that people are people no matter where the live, what religion they practice or what language they speak.