Client comments

See what some of our clients are saying:

“Your process, implementation of that process and your personality are perfectly suited for the service you offer. We have spoken many times, and at great length, about who we are, what we offer, what our most important value propositions are. We have never attained the level of specificity and clarity that you helped us attain in a just few short days. Retaining you and your services is by far one of the best investments we’ve made.” —Conrad Ogletree, VP of Sales, Hatsize

“Laura was a pleasure to work with. Our launch was crazy, but with the launch strategy and planning well under control we were able to get it done with stellar results. The PR, website, datasheets and everything else were integrated and it showed.” —Ken Jones, COO Five Across, Inc.

“Your expertise is exactly what we needed to launch Cuddle Me into the US market. The work you and your team did to develop our launch strategy, fine tune our distribution model and adjust the product for US consumers enabled us to close our “big deal” with a major online partner.” —Hiromi Kuehberger, General Manager, T-Rex America, Inc.

“The messaging workshop was critical in getting us to the next level. We had a short runway in which to launch our company, and IMG was able to develop the messaging, and then translate it into content for our website. This bought us some time and enabled us to launch at a critical industry event. Laura was a pleasure to work with and delivered more than we expected.” —Sally Thornton, President, Flexperience Consulting

“Laura created a strategy that leveraged our strengths while encouraging us to be more visible in the market. The keynote presentation and sales tool they created were some of the best we’ve ever seen and have resulted in an immediate increase in qualified leads.” —Beth Weesner, Principal, Marketing Transformation Services

“Without their help we never could have done what we did in such a short time. Laura got us organized, setup objectives and timelines to get us launched in time for the holiday giving season. We’ve had front page coverage in our local newspaper and even got a spot on the 6 o’clock news. It was way more than we expected!” —Corrie Freiley, Director, The Tami Olvera Fund

“The IMG team jumped in and learned our business, understood our challenges, created a marketing strategy, and was able to execute from day one. With their help we’ve been able to accelerate execution of our marketing strategy.” —Robin Baker, VP Corporate Strategy & Marketing, Certus

Partial List of Clients

Antares Audio Technology
Certus (acquired by Securac Ltd.)
Collective Knowledge Works
Five Across (acquired by Cisco)
Happy About
Hatsize Learning Company
Marketing Transformation Services
MLD Technologies
New Relic
The Tami Olvera Fund
T-Rex America
Zebra Technologies